Mastering Data Visualization with AFP

Hear from's Dave Paradi, discuss the importance of visualizing data in real and practical terms.  


The power of data visualization is huge but many FP&A practitioners still don't know how to fully grasp how to create it. AFP has the resources to turn you into a data visualization expert. Here is just some of what we offer. 
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Get Your Team Up to Speed

With AFP Training you can have custom made courses geared to help your team work on specific topics to help boost results. Download the course catalog to get the full scope of what AFP Training has to offer. 

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Be on the Right Side of the Digital Divide

The AFP Digital Transformation and Analytics Academy is an incremental, cumulative series of seminars to give financial professionals the tools they need to succeed during a digital transformation.

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Improve Your Analytics

This guide offers expert advice and real-world insights on how FP&A professionals can get the most out of analytics to help drive their organizations' strategic decision-making.

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