What’s your financial outlook halfway through 2017? Choose one.

With the number of geopolitical events, it’s no surprise you and other organizations are continuing to accumulate cash. While consensus forecasts as of May 2017 suggest the U.S. economy will continue to grow, the overall outlook is still tepid.

This is where a majority of your peers sit. Signs of economic recovery in the U.S. have been steady, but a number of geopolitical events put a damper on spending. Safety still reigns supreme and 53% of corporate cash holdings are maintained at banks.

Even with the hiccup of geopolitical events over the past 12 months, you are optimistic in the growth of the economy. Perhaps you are in the minority of people investing in Money Market Funds?

Post Reform, How are Organizations Managing their Operating Cash

Money Market Fund reforms that took effect in October 2016, require prime institutional MMFs to “float their NAV” (no longer maintain a stable price) and provide non-government money market fund boards with new tools (e.g. fees and gates) to address runs. 

Did your peers act as they planned to post reform?

Before Implementation of Ruling, our members planned to:

2016 AFP Liquidity Survey

After Implementation of Ruling, our members planned to:

2017 AFP Liquidity Survey

We don’t have to tell you - finance professionals select their MMFs after careful consideration of various factors. What is your primary driver when selecting?

Fixed or

Floating NAV

The majority, see this as a deal breaker



19% agree that this is their main consideration

Counterparty risk of

underlying instruments

11% see this as the most important driver

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Managing Operating Cash Post Reform

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